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“d’ Chill Zone” refers to the landlady or her heirs, legal representatives, executors, administrators and assigns of the property at No.100 Thiru Nagar, Vilankurichi, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India - 641035


“Booking contact” who is desirous of booking room/rooms/desired premises on a rental basis for self and/or for others and who has approached the d’ Chill Zone for the same


“Guest(s)” who will be staying in the room/rooms/premises booked by the Booking Contact.


The terms d’ Chill Zone and Booking contact wherever the context so appears shall mean and include their respective heirs, legal representatives, executors, administrators and assigns.

“Booking/Check-In form” refers to the form mentioning the details of the bookings and the Guest(s).


“Check-In date” refers to the date & time (IST) from which the Guest(s) can occupy the room/rooms for which they have booked.

“Check-Out date” refers to the date & time (IST) at which the Guest(s) must vacate the room/rooms and hand over the keys to d’ Chill Zone.

“Rental duration” refers to the number of nights booked by the Booking contact from the Check-In date/time to the Check-out date/time.


“Tenancy” means the temporary possession and occupancy of the room/rooms by the Guest(s) for which the booking has been requested or confirmed.

“Booking amount” refers to the total rental amount for the Rental duration.

“Caution deposit” means the amount paid prior to the Check-In date as advance to cover any possible damages/loss caused to the property or the furniture.

“Booked room names/IDs” refers the specific room/s which is/are relevant to the booking made by the Booking contact.

Terms and Conditions

1.    The Tenancy/Rental duration is only for fixed term from Check-In date till Check-Out date as per Booking/Check-In form. The check-in/check-out timings will be 11 am IST on Check-In date till 11 am IST on Check-Out date, unless agreed otherwise in the Booking/Check-In form.

2.    The rent for the Rental duration and for maximum number of persons (above 6 years of age by the end of Rental Duration) is agreed as per the Booking/Check-In form which includes electricity, cooking gas, cleaning, maintenance and the same shall be payable at the time of signing the Booking/Check-In form.

3.    Additional persons would be charged at the rate of Rs. 500.00 (Rupees Five Hundred Only) per person per night, which needs to be mentioned and agreed in the Booking/Check-In form, before or during the Rental duration. Such additional persons/Guest(s) would be provided with additional mattresses, pillows, bed-/bath linen accordingly.

4.    The Booking contact agrees to pay a Caution Deposit as mentioned in Booking/Check-In form one calendar day before the Check-In date and the same does not bear any interest.

5.    At the time of vacating the premises, cost of repair for any damages to the rented premises/fittings/furniture in the premises would be deducted from the Caution Deposit paid and the balance shall be paid back to the Booking Contact within two calendar days from the Actual Check-Out date.

6.    The Booking contact and Guest(s) and all occupants of the schedule mentioned property agree to provide their government approved identity/address proofs (Aadhaar card, Ration card, Driving License, Passport etc.) before Check-In date, which will be copied for the record by the administrators of d’ Chill Zone as per government regulations.

7.    The premises is let out purely for residential purposes only.
The Booking contact and Guest(s) undertakes to maintain the said premises including the furniture, the extra electrical fittings, the interior work and the woodwork in good and neat condition.  Inventory list of the items (refer Annexure – I) including keys will be shared with Guest on the Check-In date. The Booking contact and/or the Guest(s) shall verify the list and condition of the items and report any missing items or damages in writing or via email to the d’ Chill Zone during handover of the property. d’ Chill Zone will be able to claim any such unreported damages against the Booking contact after the Check-Out date.

8.    The Booking contact or the Guest(s) shall not alter the buildings inside or outside the premises rented out to them without the permission of the d’ Chill Zone and shall not cause any damage to the premises.  

9.    All major or minor repairs shall be carried out by the d’ Chill Zone.

10.    The landlady/management/representatives of d’ Chill Zone will enter the premises whenever necessary during reasonable hours in daytime on due notice being given to the Booking Contact in order to examine the state and condition of the premises and to attend any necessary repairs or to show the premises for the prospective future Guest(s).

11.    The Booking Contact and/or the Guest(s) shall not sub-let the premises for any third parties and if found to be so, the Tenancy shall be automatically terminated without any further notice to the Booking Contact.

12.    The Tenancy shall be renewable by a fresh Booking/Check-In form for an agreed duration with possibly new conditions at that time by both the parties (viz., Booking Contact and d’ Chill Zone).

13.    Before the commencement of the Tenancy, the cancellation of this booking without penalty will be allowed up to two (2) calendar days before the Check-In date after which the penalty for cancellation will be the 100% Booking amount as per the Booking/Check-In form.

14.    For all legal purposes, the court in Coimbatore City, Tamil Nadu shall have jurisdiction.


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